Home Energy Bills are Climbing

Electricity rates are going up and it’s happening across the nation. In some areas utilities are installing Smart Meters to better manage costs, but those meters were designed to give the utilites - not consumers - more information about energy use.

EcoDog's FIDO Home Energy Watchdog offers a consumer-friendly energy management solution!

Green Product AwardEcoDog’s FIDO Home Energy Monitor provides a new level of visibility to electricity consumption that gives homeowners unprecedented power over their energy use with unique room-by-room views of where their energy dollars are spent and personalized GridSmart(TM) savings recommendations complete with estimated savings.

GadgetFest AwardAnd as the utilities roll out their new generation of Smart Meters with complex time-of-use billing schemes, the savings that result from EcoDog's comprehensive FIDO real-time home energy monitor will be even more dramatic.

Green Power Compatible: Because EcoDog's FIDO system is also compatible with alternative energy generation including solar and wind, users with these configurations will, for the first time, have access to real-time monitoring of power input as well as power consumption with detailed net metering showing both dollars and KWHrs.

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A new suite of home energy management products that enable homeowners to optimize household electricity use with savings of 15 to 30% or more every month. Find out more about the future of Home Energy Management...

EcoDog FIDO Communication Diagram